7 things around Borobudur Temple You should do

7 things around Borobudur Temple

7 things around Borobudur Temple that you should know and do

7 things around Borobudur Temple you should do make you have more experience about locals people : traditions, habit, etc.

Borobudur Temple is one of World Heritage, maintenance of Borobudur Temple is under UNESCO supervision, Borobudur temple have incredible ancient heritage that use by Buddhist to get pray, until know when Waisak Day come, Borobudur Temple always become the center of Ceremonies and pray for Buddhist.

Borobudur Temple have Moseom , theater  and also have several attractions. sometimes people didn’t know if around Borobudur Temple there have unique tour activities can be done.

So there are  7 things to do around Borobudur Temple :

 1. Borobudur Sunrise

Borobudur Sunrise Program held by Borobudur Temple Management, the locket and entrance gate will be at Manohara Hotel, the only One Hotel that operated at Borobudur Temple Area, Borobudur Sunrise is give the journey to the Borobudur start from 04.00 am – 04.30 am, then get trekking to reach top of Borobudur Temple for enjoying the golden sunrise from Borobudur Temple.

Start from Manohara Hotel is still dark, so the are give facilities of flash light to make the participants can see the stairs to reach the top also there are Local guide Borobudur Temple will be explained anything about Borobudur temple. We also have this trip with semi coach Tour to make you more comfort to get Borobudur Sunrise tour.


2. Punthuk Setumbu Sunrise

Punthuk Setumbu is small hill near Borobudur that have to light trekking to reach top of hills, The located are near not far from Borobudur Temple, Punthuk Setumbu is the cheaper way to enjoy the Brobudur Sunrise, the view that can get when sunrise time is View of Golden Sunrise and Borobudur Temple become a background, so the view is very sexy and make everyone who see it feel like in another world,  the situation will be calm, cold, quiet and can give the inspiration for the live.

Punthuk Setumbu hill are managed by locals, so the entrance fees for it is cheap, although is cheap but it’s safe for everybody to come to it, and every locals are kindly and helpful also there are many of food seller on that location so you can enjoy many of traditional food in this location.


3. Elephant Safari

Next of 7 things around Borobudur Temple you should know and do is Elephant Safari, this attraction held and managed by Borobudur Park Management, the trip for Elephant safari is have many kind of trip you can inform us if you want to make book this attraction.

The Elephant Back Safari offers an unforgettable experience in the back of an elephant. Enjoy a dynamic interaction with the gentle giant mammal while exploring the rivers, rice fields, hills, and nearby villages.

  • Borobudur Dagi Hill Adventure (30 minutes): Rp250,000 per person
  • Borobudur Around Adventure (60 minutes): Rp500,000 per person
  • Sileng River Adventure (60 minutes): Rp1,250,000 per person
  • Borobudur Dagi Hill Night Adventure (90 minutes): Rp1,500,000 per person
  • Sileng River Wanurejo Adventure (60 minutes): Rp500,000 per person
    – The attraction of Borobudur elephants
    – Posing with the elephant: Rp10,000 per pose
    – Feeding the elephant: Rp15,000 per feed package
    – Bathing with the elephant: Rp20,000 per person
    – Elephant back rides: Rp50,000 per person


4. Cycling

Candi Rejo is village near Borobudur temple, the Villages have many tour attractions, one of the best attraction is cycling activities, the activities is cycling around the village and road to the traditional street between the rice field with the fresh air and with amazing view of rice field that managed by locals with traditional way.

You can get in touch with the locals and make little conversations to them, also you can get knowing more about the traditions, behavior and way their living. at the end of activities there are some traditional snack can be enjoyed, in serve with traditional way in traditional house.


5. Rafting

Near Borobudur also have river that can be good to do rafting activity, the activity of rafting start from the Elo river and will be end at river near Mendhut temple, the journey on the Elo river is have middle rafting categories, its mean safe for most ages, one boat can fit with 6 adults people, but to get this activities we must at least rent one boat.

The river is have enough challenge from light to middle heavy, also guide or operator will come in every boat. the activity will be fun, fresh and make another experience about rafting.


6. Playing Gamelan

At Candi Rejo villages also have attraction to play the traditional music instruments, there are many of instruments that must be play together and make one composition of javanese music. there will be instructor to teach how to play gamelan, how to make one united music composition that can produced beautiful music and make one unique situation when the music can play right.


7. Menoreh Hill

the last 7 things around Borobudur Temple you should know and do is activities at Menoreh Hill, There are high land that located west of Borobudur temple, the hills is quiet high to reach top we must take about 3 hours hiking, the best moment to hiking the hills is start before sunrise and at the end we can enjoying the beautiful sunrise from the top of hill, and there are many mountain can see the Mountain that you can see is : Merapi Mountain, umbing Mountain, and Sindoro mountain.

The weather is cold too and the experiences at the hill will never forget and also you got amazing view of golden sunrise.


That’s all about 7 things around Borobudur Temple You should Know and do, if you have any detail question we can discuss in the comment below or you can get in touch with us personally, we’d love to hear any thoughts from you and we will give you the best answer.

ENJOY 7 things around Borobudur Temple you should know and do

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