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Yogyakarta Highlighted Tour, Visit Main Destinations at Yogyakarta

This Tour will be begin in the morning, it can be start from the airport or from your hotel/place that you stay at Yogyakarta city, the tour will show you the main tour destinations at Jogja and get the short description about culture and the Heritages
Yogyakarta or usually called Jogja is the one of famous city at Indonesia, even now Jogaj is become the second tour destination after Bali, Yogyakarta have the unique culture.

There are many building that can be found at Jogja that have specific shape, specially the shape of the roof of the building, and also you can find at Kraton with Unique shape of the roof, the kind of Building is Joglo house.

At some area’s you can see the Dutch buildings in the city, cause the Dutch in the past had many soldier and had their own government at Yogyakarta city.


Yogyakarta Highlighted Tour, Visit Main Destinations at Yogyakarta

What is mean title above? maybe some of you will be have many questions about it, why highlighted and what the relationship with the Main Destinations at Yogyakarta, well hope we can give you the best explanation why that sentence become our tour products.

Yogyakarta Highlighted Tour, Visit Main Destinations at Yogyakarta had mean that you can make one day visiting at Jogja and get the most famous tour object that people usually mention about it.

The tour magnet is still Borobudur Temple the one of World Heritages, so what else ? it’s nice questions, cause Yogyakarta is not about Borobudur only but Jogja is have many attractions that can enjoy and have interesting features or may be intereting story.

Sultan Palace  our locals call Kraton Ngayogjokarto, is actually is center of Ngayogjokarto Kingdom Government, yes Yogyakarta is the only one Kingdom that still survive and now become part of Indonesia, because when Indonesia declare the independence Sultan also declare if Yogyakarta part of Indonesia, so till now days Sultan still have power and rules at Yogyakarta independently. More about this can learn by Local Guide at Kraton when you visit it.

Prambanan Temple is nice temples and people say Prambanan Temple is the most beautiful Hindus temple in the world, there are have almost a thousand temple at the Prambanan Temple Complex, Prambanan have interested myth  about the temple development, clearly you can hear from the local guide of Prambanan Temple.


START LOCATION Hotel/Arport (07.00 am-07.30 am)
FINISH HOTEL (05.00 pm)
AC Private Coach Driver, Gasoline& Parking fees
Mineral Water 1 Bottle/pax
Airfare & Airport Tax Personal expenses
Tipping Guide&Driver Meals & Entrance Fees

So with this tour packages you can get most important story about Yogyakarta and the key of why Yogyakarta is unique and special, so why we make Yogyakarta Highlighted Tour, Visit Main Destinations at Yogyakarta as our tour product name.


07.00 am -07.30 am : Pick Up

• Pick up a at your hotel (hotel must be at Jogja Area)

Visit Kraton Yogyakarta


Visit Borobudur Temple


Visit Prambanan Temple


Drop to the Hotel

Hotel must be at Jogja Area

Prices Policy

For Prices listed above will be have condition below :

Market  Domestic & Overseas
Prices per Person  Rp. 140.000
Minimal People  4 people
Maximal People  5 people
Vehicle Brand  Nissan Evalia or Toyota Avanza
Whole Car Prices  Rp. 500.000
Tour Kind  Private/ Semi Coach Tour

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Yogyakarta Highlighted Tour

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